In 2019 Our Theme for the Year was “ANSWERS.”
Pastor Kohl taught a series of classes answering various questions throughout the year. 
See the bottom of this page for the list of Questions he answered w/each lesson.
Click on the PDF icon shown here to download Lesson Sheets to study along with each lesson.

Lesson 1
1. Where did God come from?
2. Has Jesus always existed?
Lesson 11
21. Is religion the cause of most wars?
22. Is our Holy Day Saturday or Sunday?
Lesson 2
3. Has the Holy Spirit always existed?
4. Is God a trinity?
Lesson 12
23. What’s the difference between predestination and foreknowledge?
24. Why is there suffering?
Lesson 3
5. Why did Jesus call the Father My God?
6. Are all 3 members of the Trinity equal?
Lesson 13
25. Is “home church” a substitute for the local church?
26. Is the “digital church” a substitute for the local church?
Lesson 4
7. Did the Father ever call the Son God?
8. Who created everything?
Lesson 14
27. What is the Christian answer to homosexuality?
28. Is the way a person was born an excuse for their behavior?
Lesson 5
9. Doesn’t God reveal Himself to different people by different names?
10. Does the devil invent religions to confuse people?
Lesson 15
29. Why did God create Satan?
30. What will happen to the severely handicapped in eternity?
Lesson 6
11. What’s the secret of the Jew’s immortality?
12. Are we intolerant?
Lesson 16
31. Is the earth young or old?
32. Why aren’t dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?
Lesson 7
13. Does the Bible claim to be the Word of God?
14. Why do you use only the KJV?
Lesson 17
33. What’s the Christian response to racism?
34. What’s the difference between an Evangelical and Fundamental Christian?
Lesson 8
15. Shouldn’t we observe Lent?
16. What about those who’ve never heard?
Lesson 18
35. If there ever was a first pope, would it have been Peter or Paul?
36. Did Peter alone receive the keys of the kingdom of heaven?
Lesson 9
17. Is the world overpopulated?
18. Are the continents going to flood?
Lesson 19
37. Do you believe the Bible is literally true?
38. If there is a God, why doesn’t He show Himself to us?
Lesson 10
19. Does God hear the prayer of the unsaved?
20. Will God forgive me for repeating the same sin?
Lesson 20
39. What’s the difference between Wesleyans and Baptists?
40. What’s the difference between Roman Catholics and Baptist?