Another Birthday!


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On September 28, Elizabeth celebrated another birthday! I am so thankful to be married to this sweet lady. I truly couldn’t do what I do without her. I feel like she has sacrificed so much to be a missionary’s wife but it’s something she has done with a smile.  It was not easy for her to learn another language; it took a lot of work but now she enjoys teaching a kids class in Cebuano and English! I thank the Lord for my wife and her willingness to serve! Happy birthday, sweetheart! 


The Value of ONE

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What a joy to see someone from our very first route get saved, baptized, and remain faithful to church! This teenager came to church with her family after we started a  route in her town 5 years ago!  We are so thankful to have a part in the Lord’s ministry and to see Him work in the lives of these precious people! 


A Quick Trip

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The Lord has blessed us with an opportunity to go back to the States for a wedding! Someone has graciously helped with our plane tickets, allowing us to be a part of our friend’s special day. We’ll be in the USA for a couple months, also taking this time to visit supporting churches we missed on furlough. One of the hardest sacrifices a missionary makes is missing big events, like weddings, so we are beyond thankful the Lord opened the door for this quick trip! 

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